Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is the Earth’s most sustainable building productBamboo is the Earth's most sustainable building product

The truth is that almost all of the hardwood sold in Australia is from rapidly depleting forests in the Asia Pacific region – much of which is illegally harvested and is catastrophic for the environment and animal species.

Re-harvesting bamboo does not destroy native wildlife habitats or virgin forests and encourages Co2 absorption through rapid re-growth.

The same cannot be said for the harvesting of Hardwoods which can take up to 50yrs to grow.

Sustainably sourced Bamboo is by far the most eco-friendly building material available today.

The most affordable timber

The most affordable timber

As you now know, many of the Earth’

s forests have been destroyed by harvesting hardwood – which is one reasons hardwood has become increasingly expensive over the past 10 years.

Our range of Engineered Bamboo is mostly pre-finished or uses stainless clip systems and is ready to install. This saves considerably on labour cost.

Engineered Bamboo wins hands down.

As an example, our Bamboo Deck can be laid in a 3rd of the time of Hardwood decking – you save considerably on labour costs and get to enjoy your deck that much sooner.

Other Benefits to Beautiful BambooOther Benefits to Beautiful Bamboo

Strong – often referred to as ‘green steel’

Bamboo won’t bleed, buckle or warp

Derived from a living plant, not composite, so won’t absorb and retain the heat like plastic alternatives

Organic, natural and beautiful

Much of our range have exceptional fire rated properties

Termite and vermin resistant

Lower maintenance than other timber alternatives

Versatile in application

Responsibly sourced from ethically accredited EU suppliers who are regularly audited.

Australian owned and operated company

Bamboo Building Products is Australia’s Leader in Beautifully engineered and Sustainably Sourced Bamboo. Visit our SHOP page to see our range of products.

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We’ve searched the world to bring you the finest quality and latest trends in Bamboo.

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Bamboo, is adaptable to almost any residential or commercial application and is a pleasure to work with.

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