Solid Bamboo Gazebo


Solid Bamboo Gazebo
Brand new to Australia.
Recently launched at the Reno Design Show in Brisbane

Gazebo Size – 3.16m L x 3.16mW x 2.6mH
  • Flat Packed ready to assemble in your garden
  • Comes with a bamboo floor
  • Under 12m. No council approval required – Please check with your local requirements as this can change depending on your Shire.
Great for a spa, or tranquil seating area in your garden.


Installation quote available for anyone residing in Brisbane area.

Pick up available from Geebung in Brisbane or Delivery Australia Wide – Shipping Costs Apply – contact us for a quote.

Inspection is most welcome but is by appointment only – we are wholesalers and are happy to meet you at our warehouse to inspect and collect.


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Delivery Australia Wide – Shipping Costs Apply – contact us for a quote.

*Inspection by appointment at any of our  Brisbane warehouse.


The Utilities Of A Modern Bamboo Gazebo | BBP

There has never been a better time to think of improving your home in a new and eccentric manner. There is also no better time to be thinking of sustainable solutions that benefit yourself and the planet simultaneously.

Luckily for you, Bamboo Building Products is here to provide the latest in innovative home additions that add a unique and wondrously decadent spark to your home while also retaining the notion of sustainability and longevity.

The implementation and integration of a solid bamboo gazebo is not only a stylish and lucrative investment for your home, but it is also the more sustainable choice out of any timber gazebo variant.

A Sturdy Material

With us, you can feel rest assured that the bamboo gazebo you decide on will be the last one you’ll ever need. We feel pretty secure in this due to the inherent strength and overall physical build of the source material used. It’s no secret that a bamboo gazebo is the superior choice.

Strong & Flexible

The green wood alternative has its fair number of supporters in the building community due to the flexibility and tensile buildup. The rigidity and flexibility in tandem allows it to be utilised in a number of construction capacities.

Renewable Friendly

The wood material is also extremely beneficial to the environment in a number of surprising ways. Not only do the materials needed to create your new bamboo gazebo grow at an incredibly fast rate, but they’re also waste-free. The fast rate of growth means less trees being sourced from non-renewable areas and as for the waste-free factor, there’s no part of the tree that’s considered unusable, you get what you grow in many respects.

What Goes Into A Bamboo Gazebo?

A modern bamboo gazebo has limitless possibilities in terms of what sort of aesthetic they can produce for your home. There’s not even a singular set use for the wonderful structures, and there’s no limit except your imagination. We’ve seen some pretty creative uses; some will opt for a spa gazebo and house their spa bath in the backyard to give a more elegant feel or a touch of class.

There’s no telling what can be done for a backyard with a little imagination, bamboo huts are fast becoming a new trend for those landlocked of us looking for a tropical escape in our own backyards. Reminiscent of south-east Asia, bamboo Bali huts are a wonderful way to keep cool in the summertime, while also adding a unique and tropical flair.

Some use it for a purely visual aesthetic, some will house a nice seating arrangement or a small dining table by the pool, there’s no end of possibility and here at BBP, we’re committed to ensuring you have the best quality build, every single time.

Advantages Of A Sturdy Bamboo Garden Gazebo

There are a few inherently hidden advantages that aren’t often considered when you opt for a bamboo gazebo, it’s certainly an investment worth making that is sure to keep you smiling for many years to come.


Of course we cannot talk about a bamboo gazebo without mentioning the beautiful and rich aesthetic it emanates effortlessly. The wood build alone is enriched with a natural hue that is gorgeous all on its own. Especially in the warmer months walking down to the pool, there’s no better sensation than the clear blue water and a shady spot to let the days drift away.

Environmentally Friendly

As we mentioned earlier, the wood used to create these tensile and beautiful structures are built with renewable friendly wood, which takes a fraction of the time to grow and cultivate for use. With us at the helm in your home improvements, you can rest easy knowing that your backyard will be that little bit greener contributing to a healthier planet than using the alternatives – at no detriment to the end result!

Boosting The Value

It goes without saying, people love the look of a beautifully built and strategically placed bamboo garden gazebo, the market doesn’t lie with a marked increase to a homes value being associated with the work that’s been put into it. The backyard is one of the crucial selling points for many homebuyers. The increased value makes this a worthwhile investment that you’re not likely to regret.

Why We’re The Best Choice

So after all is said and done, why are we the superior choice? Simple – we put the sustainability and aesthetic before anything else. We ensure that every bamboo gazebo that leaves our warehouse is built to last and is delivered in an easy to erect flat pack. We’re here to answer any queries that may pop up and we will always strive for the optimal result.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch today and speak to one of our experts.


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