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Decking Instruction
Bamboo decking sydney
Decking Clips and Screws
Tongue and Groove
White Decking
bamboo decking brisbane
bamboo decking indoor and outdoor

Bamboo Decking – [Per Linear Metre]

 $15 sample

Bamboo Building Products Commercial Grade decking is a solid, high-density decking board now available for residential use.

Our decking is made from compressed bamboo fibres with the colour baked right through the board and is hardier than the hardest of hardwood decking. It is often referred to as ‘Green Steel’. Our decking is easy to maintain. But it will eventually go grey if left untreated. Some people like that look if they want the ‘Hamptons’ look. Otherwise,  just a coat of Woca Oil will do. Perfect decking for coastal areas.

It is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood decking, as it is pre-finished and does not require staining or oiling after laying. It is a simple stainless clip and screw system. No need to drill and nail, saving time and money. With our decking system you will have a deck laid in under half the time of traditional decking.

Our decking will not warp as timber decking can. The colour is all the way through so it will not bleed. It is an engineered bamboo so termite-proof and suitable for use in bushfire rated areas. Doesn’t absorb heat like the plastic alternatives so you won’t burn your feet.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and absorbs 40% more carbon than a hardwood tree. Bamboo is a truly sustainable and green product. The Bamboo Plant is re-harvested every 3- 5yrs whereas Hardwood decking is sourced from native forests mostly from Asia Pacific regions and can take years to grow.

Our decking comes in the wider 139 mm wide boards with tongue and groove ends. Giving our deck a high-end look but not the high-end price.

We have a 20-year warranty on our decking.

Decking size is 1860 x 139 x 20 mm

Price includes stainless clips and screws.

Contact us and send us your drawings and we’ll help you work out the quantity you need.

Inspection welcome at Brisbane, Sydney & Perth warehouses.

Delivery Australia Wide – Shipping Costs Apply – contact us for a quote. 

Select the number of linear metres required:

Bamboo Slat & Louvre Screening
Bamboo Slat & Louvre Screening
bamboo privacy screen
screen bamboo
bamboo screening panels
outdoor bamboo screens
bamboo screen balcony
bamboo garden screen
bamboo screen balcony
decking screens
decking screens sydney
bamboo screening brisbane
bamboo screens melbourne
bamboo screening newcastle
Home SHow Gzebo Corner
bamboo screening adelaide
bamboo screening sunshine coast

Bamboo Slat & Louvre Screening

 ORDER SAMPLE $10 to cover postage

Latest design and in Stock now ready for immediate delivery or pick up

Solid Engineered Bamboo slats with aluminium frame – ready to install and pre-finished in a UV Danish WOCA oil.

We can now offer it to you in 2 different panel sizes.

1800mm x 1200mm x 40mm $450.00
2400mm x 1200mm x 40mm $600.00

Laminated Bamboo Slats – Pre-finished in Teak Woca Oil
5800mm x 20mm x 20mm –  $40 each
5800mm x 20mm x 30mm –  $50 each

These are just the Bamboo laminated slats only NOT on a frame. [see separate product listing]

We also offer Custom Made screens to order. Priced from $240 per SQM.

Perfect for ceilings, walls, privacy screening, garage & pedestrian doors.

These panels have been used extensively around the world in Luxury Homes, Resorts, Hotels, Airports, Restaurants etc and are now available in Australia.

Very easy to install – simply screw the bracket to the wall or ceiling and the job is done.

The best value & quality timber style screening available in Australia.

Easy to cut to size and the aluminium bracket simply unscrews and can be moved to the height needed.

Sustainably sourced strand woven engineered bamboo timber – will not warp, bend or bleed and is the perfect alternative to labour consuming timber slats.

Requires minimal maintenance – simply re-oil when needed with teak oil on a rag.

Termite and vermin resistant.

We are Australia’s premier wholesalers of Engineered Bamboo Products to the building industry.

Inspection is welcome by appointment at our Geebung Warehouse.

Delivery Australia Wide – Shipping Costs Apply – contact us for a quote.


External/Internal Feature Wall Cladding
bamboo cladding
cladding materials for buildings
cladding ceiling
bamboo cladding ceiling
quality cladding materials for buildings
quality cladding fence
wall cladding clips board

External/Internal Feature Wall Cladding

 $15 sample

Strand Bamboo Wall Cladding in/outdoor 1860 x 103 x 18 mm– T & G “no-nails” System.

Pre-Finished and fire-rated exterior or Interior feature wall or ceiling cladding.

Made from Strand Woven, compressed and baked bamboo. The colour is all the way through the panel. So it won’t fade at the same rate as timber will and won’t rot as its engineered, making it the perfect timber alternative.

Our cladding is extremely hard and easy to install using our very simple clip lock T & G system – no nails.

Sustainably sourced and great for the environment.

Termite and vermin proof and requires very minimal maintenance.

Our cladding is perfect for entrances, patio or veranda ceilings, office fit-outs, hotels, restaurants or as a feature wall.

Fire Rated; Test Standard; EN13501-1; 2007 A1;209.

Fire Behavior test rating – B and Smoke Index S 1 – Full test report available upon request.

Limited quantities available – we are Australia’s premier wholesaler of Engineered and Architectural Bamboo Products.

Note; Bamboo Cladding is heavy at 40kgs per pack of 16 so it is often necessary to pack on a pallet, load & unload with a Forklift. We can forklift at our end and you may need to collect from the freight companies depot if you do not have access to a forklift.

Contact us to discuss your project.

Delivery Australia Wide – Shipping Costs Apply – contact us for a quote.


Pool Boundary Fencing & Gates
Pool Fence
bamboo pool fence
bamboo pool fencing
bamboo fencing around pool
pool fence panel
bamboo fencing brisbane
Pool Fence as Screening
bamboo fence panels brisbane
bamboo fence panels newcastle
bamboo fence panels gold coast
bamboo fence panels adelaide
quality bamboo fence panels newcastle
Fence Brackets
quality bamboo fence panel latch
Pool Fence Post
quality bamboo fences around pool
quality bamboo fences pool panels
quality bamboo fence pool panels
quality bamboo fence panels adelaide

Pool Boundary Fencing & Gates

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The latest designs in Pool and Boundary Fencing or Screening

Our pool fence panels are custom made right here in Australia to your size requirements.

With a choice of slats either 20 x 20 mm or 20 x 30mm and a Slat Gap of either 70 or 20 mm you can create that perfect Pool or Boundary Fence

Easy for the DIY’er ,Fencing Contractor or Builder – we supply the full kit which is just as easy to install as an aluminium fence.

Perfect to mix and match if you want Glass along the front and our Hybrid pool fence down the sides and back or maybe standard aluminium down one side and the Hybrid on all others – No Problem – tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll make it happen.

We are Australia’s largest supplier of Engineered Bamboo Timber to the DIY and Building industry – we stock the latest trends and highest quality manufactured Bamboo products in Australia.

Our Hybrid Fence is Australian Designed and an Australian First.

Designed by us & manufactured to meet AS1926.1-2012.

We’ve combined the natural beauty and strength of strand woven UV treated bamboo slats and the lightness of powder coated aluminium to create a stunning and functional alternative to what everyone else has.

The natural bamboo slats & black aluminium rails work harmoniously with landscaping and any building design.

Our panels & gates use commonly available 38x25mm brackets, 50 x 50mm posts, standard hinges and locks so its easy for the DIY or the Professional to install.

Our Strand Woven Bamboo is sustainably sourced “Moso” Bamboo – the hardest of Bamboo.

The strands of bamboo are compressed under heat and UV treated to create a long lasting slat.

Be one of the first with the latest in fencing designs.

Fence Panel:  1200 mm High with a max length per panel of 2450mm

Standard Gate: 1200H x 975L with 20x20mm slats & 70mm gap


Inspection welcome at Brisbane, Sydney & Perth warehouses.

Pick up available from Geebung in Brisbane or Delivery Australia Wide – Shipping Costs Apply – contact us for a quote.

Inspection is most welcome but is by appointment only – we are wholesalers and are happy to meet you at our warehouse to inspect and collect.

Custom panels are available – call or email to discuss!

Enter how may linear meters –


bamboo panelling
bamboo panels
bamboo wall panels
woven bamboo panels
bamboo wall panels
bamboo board
bamboo ceiling panels
bamboo ceiling bulkheads
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bamboo on wall installation
bamboo on wall
bamboo on wall sydney
bamboo on wall brisbane
quality bamboo on wall
bamboo on wall panels
bamboo on wall gold coast
S Panel Wall & Ceiling Linings

S Panel Wall & Ceiling Linings

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Architectural Solid S Panel Wall & Ceiling Linings

Perfect for lining walls, ceilings, pergolas, garage doors or create a stunning feature wall. Our “S” panel has been extensively used in resorts, hotels, luxury homes and fit-outs around the world and is now available in Australia.

Beautiful Bamboo “S” Panel for the ceiling, eaves, feature walls or wherever a truly unique designer look is required. Perfect for entrances, patio and veranda ceilings, garage doors or as a feature wall.

Panel size – 2900mm x 140mm x 18mm      – $  80 per length

Panel size – 5800mm x 140mm x 18mm      – $170 per length

The hottest new product in Bamboo Timber / Wood Paneling. The latest in wall and ceiling linings or paneling.

A great timber alternative and outperforms Cedar or Timber. Won’t fade quickly like Cedar and is 100% Vermin and Termite Proof.

Easy and Quick to install. It requires minimal maintenance.  It is pre-finished, no need to stain after installation.

Our bamboo is sustainably sourced so better for our environment and an excellent alternative to timber or plastic linings.

The next shipment is almost sold out – do not delay and order today for delivery.

Free Samples Available – we only charge you for the shipping

Inspection is by appointment at our Geebung Warehouse.

Contact us to discuss your next project.

Inspections welcome at Brisbane, Sydney or Perth Warehouses.

Delivery Australia Wide – Shipping Costs Apply – contact us for a quote.


Download our Installation Guide for this product

installation guide


Solid Bamboo Benchtops
bamboo kitchen benchtop brisbane
bamboo kitchen benchtop sydney
bamboo benchtops
reception desk
solid bamboo kitchen benchtop
solid bamboo benchtops
solid benchtops sydney
solid benchtops brisbane
quality solid benchtops
quality solid benchtops sydney
Benchtop Kitchen Brisbane
quality solid benchtops kitchen
Ashgrove Benchtop
quality solid benchtops timber
quality solid benchtops bamboo
quality solid benchtops stand
bamboo kitchen benchtop quality
quality bamboo benchtops sydney
quality bamboo benchtops brisbane
quality bamboo block benchtops
Laundry Storage
bamboo kitchen benchtop

Solid Bamboo Benchtops

Highest Quality and Best Value in Australia – We ship daily Australia wide.
  • Stunning 3 layer Vertical Stripe Bench, Vanity, Home Office & Laundry tops – Solid Bamboo Benchtops – great value!
  • Hard wearing & Sustainably sourced engineered Moso Bamboo.
  • We can cut to size and you can use the offcuts as cutting boards, shelves etc.

A truly sustainable alternative to Timber Benchtops.

Easy to work with, simply “install, oil or stain” – it’s that easy to create the warmth of timber with a hard wearing and easy to maintain solid bamboo benchtop.

They are lightly sanded and raw with a square edge so they can be easily joined to create larger slabs.

Vanity Benchtops:

  • 1500mm x  500mm x 20 mm – $200
  • 2440mm x 600mm x 35 mm – $400
  • 2440mm x 1000mm x 35mm – $550
  • 3000mm x  600mm x 35mm – $650
  • 3000mm x 1000mm x 35mm – $900

We can arrange cutting to size for $45 for a single cut to size & $60 for 2 cuts.

Benchtop Oil -Danish WOCA Diamond Active oil 1ltr $80 – will cover 2 to 3 benchtops several times – the best oil you can get for benchtops.

Join our tops together to make even wide or thicker benchtop.

They are easy to maintain and look beautiful with just oil or stain to the colour of your choice.

Inspection welcome at any of our 3 Warehouses – Brisbane, Sydney & Perth.- please call to arrange a time to inspect or collect.

Shipping Australia wide on a protective custom pallet – please contact us for a shipping quote.



Solid Bamboo Gazebo

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Solid Bamboo Gazebo
Brand new to Australia.
Recently launched at the Reno Design Show in Brisbane

Gazebo Size – 3.16m L x 3.16mW x 2.6mH
  • Flat Packed ready to assemble in your garden
  • Comes with a bamboo floor
  • Under 12m. No council approval required – Please check with your local requirements as this can change depending on your Shire.
Great for a spa, or tranquil seating area in your garden.


Installation quote available for anyone residing in Brisbane area.

Pick up available from Geebung in Brisbane or Delivery Australia Wide – Shipping Costs Apply – contact us for a quote.

Inspection is most welcome but is by appointment only – we are wholesalers and are happy to meet you at our warehouse to inspect and collect.


Super Dome Bamboo Wall Linings

 ORDER SAMPLE $10 to cover postage

Hot New Release – Latest Trend in Wall Linings – “Super Dome” Wall Panels 
$68 per length 
  • Panel Sizes are 2900mm x 105mm x 18mm (290cm x 10.5cm x 1.8cm)
  • Beautiful & Stable Engineered Bamboo Wall Linings
  • Quick & Easy to install – Simply glue & nail.
  • Tongue & Groove so each panel slides into the next. Each Panel has 2 large domes.
  • Raw finish – Stain, oil or Paint to your desired colour.
  • Excellent Value at $68 per length.
  • In Stock, available for same day pick up or we can ship next business day Australia wide.
  • Please contact us for a freight quote.
We are Australia’s premier wholesalers of Engineered Bamboo Products to the building industry.

Inspection is welcome by appointment at our Geebung Warehouse.

Delivery Australia Wide – Shipping Costs Apply – contact us for a quote.

The Fremantle – Solid Engineered Bamboo Wall / Ceiling linings

We are excited to reveal our newest product in the S Panel Range- “The Fremantle”.
With a wider 35mm top section and grooves the Fremanlte comes pre finished in either Danish Teak Woca Oil or Raw. It can also be stained to any depth of colour you like.
  • Easy to install
  • External or internal
  • Can be used for curved walls or ceilings
  • Suitable for Residential or Commercial applications
  • Australian Standards Fire Rated
  • Available pre finished or Raw
  • 2900mm x 140mm x 18mm or special order 5800mm x 140mm x 18mm lengths

2900mm x 140mm x 18mm – $80
5800mm x 140mm x 18mm – $170

Be one of the first in Australia to have this Beautiful product in your home, resort or office.
Contact us for availability and shipping or order a sample pack.
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